What other people are saying…

“Dr. Rosenbloom is an effective and supportive nutritionist.  She provided me with a workable food plan that took into account my special challenges as a professional football player, and my goal to lose body fat.  I recommend Dr. Rosenbloom to anyone looking for guidance for their food plan.”
– Geoff Schwartz, former NFL player with the New York Giants

“Chris Rosenbloom is a nutrition communicator extraordinaire.  I’ve worked with Chris on many occasions and she truly has the special talent of communicating emerging nutrition science so that it all makes sense.  The best part is she gets it right without oversimplifying the science – and she does it with a good dose of common sense and humor.”
– Lisa Carlson, MS, RD, Nutrition and Consumer Technical Insights Manager, R&D at Unilever Food Solutions
“Chris’ energy, enthusiasm, and experience, combined with her knowledge of nutrition science and her ability to find the most relevant practical applications for athletes and for businesses, make her a sought-after speaker and adviser.”
– Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM, Founder & Principal, Sports Science Insights, LLC
“For five years, Chris Rosenbloom translated complex and often conflicting nutrition information into language we could all understand in her popular weekly column, “Fit To Eat.”  An authoritative yet clear and down-to-earth writer with a wealth of creative ideas, Chris was always a pleasure to work with, and a real asset to our food team!”
– Susan Puckett, former Atlanta Journal-Constitution Food & Drink editor
“Dr. Chris Rosenbloom has been associated with Georgia Tech Athletics for over 20 years.  We have always found her to be the ultimate professional and will continue to utilize her vast knowledge in the world of nutrition.”
– Jay Shoop, Director of Sportsmedicine, Georgia Tech Athletic Association