Foot and Fitness After 50

Food and fitness Information is readily available from our computer, tablet, and smartphone. Some of the information is good, and some is not. Here are some trusted websites that provide helpful information for you and your family. A more comprehensive list of resources is found in every chapter of Food & Fitness After 50.

To get started, take a few minutes to learn to identify what makes a website a trusted source of information by browsing this from Medline Plus from the National Library of Medicine found here.

For general food and nutrition information, check out the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found here, for tips on feeding the whole family. There is a separate tab for “Seniors” (we prefer the term “Older Adults!”)

Professional organization can be identified by “.org” at the end of the URL. We like the information on the following professional organizations websites because the information is evidence-based, consumer-friendly, and regularly updated (and, they are not trying to sell you anything).

Click on the name to go to the site:

Government organizations offer a wealth of information on staying healthy or finding information a variety of diseases when illness strikes. URLs with “.gov” indicate a government website.

Educational institutions have a “.edu” in the URL. Some of the educational websites that offer information specifically for older adults include the following:

Many organizations and government websites have instructional exercise videos that can help you get started on an exercise program and stay active, all from the comfort of home. Check out:

These resources are suggested by the authors and all URLs were active at the time this was written. Information found online is not meant as a substitute for medical care or treatment from a qualified health professional.

Updated November 2020