About Dr. Rosenbloom


Chris Rosenbloom Food and Nutrition Services, LLC, my consulting business, started in 2010 after a 30-year career in academia. I provide a wide range of nutrition consulting services, from speaking to professional and consumer audiences to writing research and review papers for peer-reviewed journals.

I was a nutrition professor at Georgia State University for 30 years, teaching undergraduate and graduate students in nutrition and health, nutrition and aging, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, and nutrition and the media. I conducted research on nutrient intakes of athletes and older adults. My research has been published in top tier peer-reviewed journals. I also gained administrative experience in leadership positions as a department chair and as an associate dean for academics. Before joining the faculty at Georgia State I worked as a clinical dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation in Atlanta.

I am an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the practice group of Sport, Wellness and Cardiovascular Nutrition (SCAN). Using my leadership skills, I have chaired Academy committees and was elected chair of SCAN.

I have a diverse consulting practice, having worked with industry, professional organizations, non-profits, trade associations, media communications firms, and print and electronic media.logos