Food & Fitness After 50: Is There a Best Diet for Losing Weight?

Each week Obesity and Energetic Offerings arrives in my inbox. It is a weekly roundup of research from Indiana University School of Public Health and University of Alabama Birmingham Nutrition Obesity Research Center. One of my favorite features is called “Headline vs Study,” and a recent one on weight loss diets was intriguing. The Headline:Continue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Is There a Best Diet for Losing Weight?”

Food & Fitness After 50: Should We Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time?

This week, Dr. Bob Murray asks the question, “should we walk and chew gum at the same time?” It may sound humorous, but he presents some research that may have you grabbing for some gum at the grocery store checkout line! Thanks for your insights, Dr. Bob! From the often-quirky world of science comes aContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Should We Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time?”

Food & Fitness After 50: Get Old and Get Better

“Just Do It may be Nike’s slogan, but it rules Kathy’s life.” Too many people hit their sixties and say “it’s too late for me to:” lose weight change my eating habits get fit But, not Kathy, at age 65 she is stronger, fitter, and healthier than she has ever been. And, after she discovered Pickleball aboutContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Get Old and Get Better”

Food & Fitness After 50: Strategies for Losing Weight and Maintaining Weight

Strategies for losing weight and maintaining weight are not the same! Weight loss is a national obsession and even older women are seeking the perfect weight loss plan (one that usually promises quick weight loss without cutting calories or being active!) We are bombarded with social media images (thanks, Instagram) of flawless women of allContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Strategies for Losing Weight and Maintaining Weight”

Food & Fitness After 50: Is 70 the New 40?

“The strong live long!” I recently returned from Chicago from the annual American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Summit. My friend and co-author of Food & Fitness After 50 , Dr. Bob Murray, and I gave a talk titled “Is 70 the New 40?” Since Bob and I are closer to 70 than 65, weContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Is 70 the New 40?”

Food & Fitness After 50: Assessing Your Weight

Managing your weight after 50 brings some challenges, but not obstacles that can’t be overcome. It’s true that as we age there are changes to our body composition, including: Increase in abdominal fat (the dreaded “belly fat”) Increase in  fat deposits in muscles, heart, and liver Increase in body weight until about age 70 RedistributionContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Assessing Your Weight”

Food & Fitness After 50: How turning 55 led to losing 55 pounds

When you hear the words “Weight Watchers“ do you think of women attending group meetings to support each other’s weight loss journey? Or maybe you think of Oprah Winfrey who helped revitalize the brand when she became a client and investor in 2015? You probably wouldn’t picture, Brad, a 57-year old man as a WeightContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: How turning 55 led to losing 55 pounds”

Food & Fitness After 50: Yes, Weight Loss is Possible after 50

I hear it all the time, weight loss isn’t possible after the age of 50. To be fair, it is harder to lose weight as we age. Biology conspires against us. Declining hormone levels, for both men and women, mean more fat is stored in the abdomen (the dreaded belly fat). For women, a pear-shapeContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Yes, Weight Loss is Possible after 50”

Diet Books…They are Everywhere!

On a recent trip to Ireland I was browsing in a gift shop when my friend and fellow dietitian said, “check out the diet book section.” Sure enough, just like in the U.S., diet books are big sellers. A quote attributed to Andy Ronney is one of my favorites, “The biggest seller is cookbooks andContinue reading “Diet Books…They are Everywhere!”

Cancer Survivors and Lifestyle Changes

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I just reached survivor status this month by being cancer-free for 5 years. The American Cancer Society estimates that there are 11 million cancer survivors and by the year 2020 there will be 20 million of us. Every cancer survivor celebrates beating cancer but also worries about itContinue reading “Cancer Survivors and Lifestyle Changes”