Peanuts and Baseball

“Take me out to the ballgame….buy me some peanuts….” Baseball and peanuts are a natural combination and with baseball season right around the corner it got me thinking about peanuts (that, and the fact that I live in Georgia!) But, peanuts don’t seem to get the love┬álike the tree nuts almonds, walnuts, pecans and pistachios.Continue reading “Peanuts and Baseball”

What does "natural" mean on a food package? Today’s article in the New York Times on functional foods got me thinking about the word “natural” on so many food packages. Just yesterday a friend was snacking on a bag of pretzels flavored as “everything” bagels…they were shaped like tiny little bagels and did look like mini, mini-everything bagels. The package contained theContinue reading “What does "natural" mean on a food package?”