Want a Quick, Easy, Nutritious Meal? Try Eating Cereal at Any Age

(Disclosure: General Mills sponsored a virtual education session that I attended; I was not asked to or compensated to write this post.) Cereal and milk is my “go to” breakfast. When I was a kid, Cheerios was a staple food in my household of seven kids and not just for breakfast but also for aContinue reading “Want a Quick, Easy, Nutritious Meal? Try Eating Cereal at Any Age”

How to be Your Healthiest Self: 100 Tips for 2021

Every new year brings hope for new beginnings. While we are still facing the ravages of the pandemic, there are thing we can control to be our healthiest self in 2021. And it doesn’t take a gym membership, an expensive piece of exercise equipment, or organic foods. Nope, just simple steps to better health. FoodContinue reading “How to be Your Healthiest Self: 100 Tips for 2021”

Food & Fitness After 50: Good Bones

A recent article in the Washington Post caught my attention because it related to an issue that older adults frequently ask about….how to protect their bones as they age. According to the study published in JAMA vitamin D supplements showed no effect on reducing hip fractures where as vitamin D plus calcium had about a 16% reductionContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Good Bones”

Is Sugar the New Fat?

After a morning aerobics class at the local YMCA, I was catching my breath in the locker room and chatting to two women from the class. They know I am a registered dietitian nutritionist so the conversation turned from our hard workout to what else….food. One of the women asked me about calcium and whatContinue reading “Is Sugar the New Fat?”

Calcium and Vitamin D are still important!

The Institute of Medicine Report was published yesterday and I watched the national news outlets do the report a disservice–those darn sound bites just can’t capture the complexity of the report. (The complete report can be found on the IOM website http://www.iom.edu/). The report concluded that there is not enough evidence to increase the recommendedContinue reading “Calcium and Vitamin D are still important!”

Nutrients for healing

After the recent blast of cold air that blanketed the country, including the deep south, I had planned to write about comfort foods and share my favorite soup recipes, but then I fractured my wrist and have been focusing on healing nutrition. Working with athletes for many years has given me a glimpse into theContinue reading “Nutrients for healing”