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Essential Reading for Any One Over 50 Who Wants to Get and Stay in Shape
I can’t recommend this book enough. As a registered dietitian, I thought I knew most of this content so I originally hesitated buying it. Boy was I wrong! This book is packed with the most current, science-based information that you can trust and get results with. I will be suggesting this as a must read for all of my over 50 clients.

Great real-life advice about nutrition and movement
I love Christine and Bob’s no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. This is not a ‘diet book’ – it’s real life stories about people who have re-modeled their health after 50 through nutrition and exercise. I have the good fortune to know Christine and she is the picture of health — looks a good 20 years younger than her actual age. I see her enjoying her exercise routine, so I can see that she practices what she knows. I enjoyed the book, and will refer back to it when I need a little inspiration.

An Exceptional Book
An exceptional book by highly-regarded professionals. The authors present the latest knowledge on nutrition and exercise for those in middle-age and beyond. As a retired university researcher who focused on understanding health behaviors, I highly recommended this book for ALL adults who are ready to integrate healthful eating and regular exercise into modern life. This is the best book I’ve seen in the past 20 years that addresses BOTH food and fitness.

There is so much good information, whether your 50 or 75
I bought this book for my daughter and thought I’ll just give it a quick read then pass it on…Well, after the 2nd chapter I knew I had to have my own copy. There is so much good information, whether your 50 or 75. The quizzes at each chapter were a wake up call. The examples and stories are inspirational.

Excellent Book
Well-written by knowledgable authors. Interesting mix of personal stories and scientific evidence. Dispelling myths was an added bonus. Complete list of references for further investigation.

It’s a great book
I’ve ordered this before. It’s a great book.

Love this book
Love this book. Easy to understand and informative information. I like the format of questions and answers. The type of book you can pick up and read in any order. Highly recommend for anyone concerned with living a healthy life.

Motivating and an easy read!
Helpful tips, motivating and an easy read!

Five Stars
Written by two of the best in the business.

This is a great book with recent research
This is a great book with recent research. What I found most interesting is that the authors do combine food & fitness for anyone over 50 (I’m 65) and it makes a lot of sense where I am physically in my life. I’m currently working on balance & more varied exercise. I am a Weight Watchers member & they just revised their program to eat more low fat high protein foods. I feel a lot better when I eat this way. Thanks for a great book to ensure that you are in good health. One of the biggest costs when someone retires is affording health care & insurance. It is a huge benefit to be healthy and all the literature that I have read states the same thing to be healthy: eat nutritious meals, exercise (balance, resistance training & aerobics) & human/pet interaction.

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Book offers tips for ‘Food and Fitness after 50’