“I wanted to be a dietitian since I was 13 years old. The caption under my photo in my high school yearbook says, “future dietitian.” I could not have chosen a better profession.”

I started my consulting business after a 30-year career in academia. My journey has led me to combine my interest in sports nutrition with my academic training in gerontology to produce an award-winning consumer book, Food & Fitness After 50, co-authored with exercise expert, Dr. Bob Murray.

My goal is to promote eating well, moving well, and being well to a wide range of audiences; from consumers to health professionals. I do that through:

  • Writing my blog, Fit to Eat
  • Developing and delivering engaging presentations on healthy aging
  • Conducing webinars on aging well
  • Writing for social and traditional media on topics of most interest to active older adults

I am a nutrition professor emerita (a fancy word for “retired”) at Georgia State University. For 30 years I taught undergraduate and graduate students in nutrition and health, nutrition and aging, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, and nutrition and the media. I conducted research and published in top tier peer-reviewed journals. I also gained leadership experience in administrative positions as department chair and as associate dean for academics. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgia State, I worked as a clinical dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation in Atlanta, Georgia.

I started my media training in traditional media as a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and as a regular guest on a “new” Atlanta-based cable news channel, CNN. As the media landscape has changed, I have pivoted to a robust social media presence. Learning to communicate in 240 characters was a challenge after writing a weekly 500 to 1000-word column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 5 years. Adapting to new communication techniques to get my messages across has resulted in an increase in social media followers, reaching new audiences every day.

I also work as the scientific advisor to a premier food influencer conference, FoodFluence™. Working with conference originator and developer, Stephen McCauley of The Ginger Network, we shape presentations for the top food and nutrition media experts bringing emerging research, world-renown speakers, and committed sponsors together for a yearly conference. Our conferences have been held in London, Vienna, Lisbon, Toronto, and Budapest to immerse participants in 4-days of culture, science, networking, and fun (and with great food, too).

Download a PDF of my bio here