Food & Fitness After 50: What is strength?

Quick word association….what pops into your into your mind when you hear the word strength? When I was asked that question the first thing I thought of was muscle strength. But, after being a part of a 2-day Strength Summit, sponsored by The National Cattleman’s Beef Association*, I came away with a much broader definition.Continue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: What is strength?”

Food & Fitness After 50: Being Thankful for Family and Friends

Originally, this post was to be titled “Like Mother, Like Daughter” because I interviewed two incredible women for this story. Maxine (aka “Granna”) aged 89 and her daughter, Kathy, who is in her mid-60s. The more I talked to them, the more I realized that this is perfect feel-good Thanksgiving post. And, I’m not talkingContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Being Thankful for Family and Friends”

Food & Fitness After 50: Wading through a Sea of Foods and New Products

The annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition, known as FNCE, is the largest gathering of food and nutrition professionals in the world and an event I’ve attended for over 30 years. Each fall we gather in a different city that has a convention center big enough to hold the 10,000+ dietitians who descend onContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Wading through a Sea of Foods and New Products”

Food & Fitness After 50: Catch the Competitive Spirit

I have a group of friends who inspire me in many ways; in fact they have all been featured in this blog (posts on Lisa, Linda,and Jill can be found by clicking their name). Competing on the World Stage We always remember birthdays with group email happy birthday wishes, and for a day or two we playContinue reading “Food & Fitness After 50: Catch the Competitive Spirit”