Food & Fitness After 50: Being Vibrant at 60….or any age

Retro KimI was intrigued when I saw Kim’s Facebook post, “31 Reasons Why I’m Vibrant at 60,” and knew I had to reach out to her for an interview. I’ve known Kim a long time, but haven’t talked to her for quite a while, so it was a good excuse to reconnect. Kim had the same joy, excitement, and, yes, vibrancy, that I remember she had we when we met over 20 years ago.

Make a commitment to healthy

Kim is a culinary registered dietitian nutritionist in Indianapolis and for 30 years has been a self-employed entrepreneur and has always found time to stay fit and active, even when life got in the way. You might be thinking that it is easy for culinary nutritionist to be healthy, but while that career gives her knowledge, it still takes a commitment to choose to be healthy. Kim’s mantra is “be responsible for your fitness, nobody else can do it for you.” Kim takes a “no excuses” attitude, even when she must adjust to a change in her schedule. “I plan my workouts, but if I can’t fit in my usual exercise, I don’t agonize or stress over it; I just find a few minutes in the day to move and plan to exercise longer the next day….or, the day after that.” It all boils down to the same thing she tells her grandkids, “choices and consequences!” If we don’t make the choice to be active, we pay the consequences sooner or later.

Take a “psycho walk”

Kim likes a variety of exercise, but her favorite activity is power walking. “I walk faster than everyone I know, so while I’m not quite a race walker, I enjoy my power walks.” The consistency, discipline, and effort to power walk makes her feel better, both physically and mentally. When time is tight, and she can’t fit her usual walk into her schedule, Kim says she sneaks in 10- or 15-minute “psycho walk.” The psycho is short for psychological and the brain boost and stress relieving benefits it brings are powerful.

She also takes a boxing class twice a week, (real boxing, as in pull-on-the-gloves-and-get-Kim boxingin-the- ring, Muhammad Ali- kind-of-boxing) “I was intimidated by the idea of group exercise classes, but boxing has changed that for me.” Besides the physical challenges of boxing, it keeps her mentally sharp. “Boxing works my brain as much as my muscles; the combinations are called out by the instructor and if I’m not completely focused I can’t do the workout.” Kim has warmed to group classes so much that she signed up for a Bollywood Dance class this spring…. there is photo I want to see!

Be positive about food choices

When it comes to food, Kim doesn’t struggle with food like many women do. “I am dismayed at the agony and angst that I see surrounding women and food.” She encourages a positive attitude toward food, be adventurous and creative with food, and above all, enjoy it. Kim has some great recipes on her website that I encourage you to try. Two of her favorites include Moroccan-Spiced Sweet Potato Hummus and Indian-Spiced Red Lentil Hummus.

Small steps

Kim advises her clients to take small steps to improve their diet or fitness. “I’m a firm believer that small steps yield big results.” Don’t try to change everything overnight but ask yourself what little thing you can do that you can stick with.” But above all, “have with your eating and activity!

More tips on eating well, moving well, and being well are found in Food & Fitness After 50,  available at Amazon.

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