Why this dietitian is eating more protein

  It is hard for most of us to believe that we are getting older. But, when my Medicare card arrived in the mail last week, it hit me that I’ve reached a milestone age. While I know that strength training (which I have been doing for years, but maybe not as routinely and rigorouslyContinue reading “Why this dietitian is eating more protein”

How this Dietitian Savors the Flavor for National Nutrition Month

Taste is the number 1 reason why we choose the foods we love to eat. Sure, good health and nutrients are important to a dietitian, but taste rules. This dietitian savors the flavors of food by enhancing the taste of foods with umami (oo-mom-ee). Most of you know about the basic tastes of sweet, sour,Continue reading “How this Dietitian Savors the Flavor for National Nutrition Month”