What this dietitian reads

I am an avid reader, but when it comes to online nutrition reading I have a few “go to” places. So, when friends and family ask about nutrition, I send them to these places instead of a random google search.

  • @FACTSfollowers stands for Food Advocates Communicating Through Science. On Twitter, my favorite recent post is “4 Food Rules You Won’t Fine in Michael Pollan’s ‘In Defense of Food’ (and 2 that you will).” (https://twitter.com/FACTSFollowers)
  • Every morning I read Ted Kyle’s ConscienHealth; a thoughtful, insightful, and a beyond the headlines look of news related to obesity and weight management. (http://conscienhealth.org/)
  • For debunking myths, there are many I like, but Joe Schwarcz at Mc Gill University leads a team that publishes an entertaining blog from the Office of Science and Society (OSS). The tag line is “separating sense from nonsense.” Read the blog at http://blogs.mcgill.ca/oss/ or follow it on Twitter at @McGillOSS
  • When I want to know about trends, be they food, nutrition or what’s “in,”  I like Registered Dietitian Janet Helm’s website, Nutrition Unplugged (http://www.nutritionunplugged.com/).  A wealth of food and nutrition information is just a click away.
So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and invite you favorite furry friend to join you online for some good reads.

Luke and COR