Cancer Resource for Prevention, Treatment and Survivors

September marks 7 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer so that means I join 11 million cancer survivors in the U.S. Many of you are also cancer survivors and what we eat and how much we exercise has a big impact on cancer prevention and recurrence, as well as our quality of life.

I am often asked about “super” foods or supplements and which, if any, I recommend. My “super” food is, well, food. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies (as pictured at left from a summer cookout) along with whole grains, lean meat and fish in small portions, and nuts is a great way to eat for everyone. The only supplement I take is fish oil because I’m just not the crazy about fatty fish so I use a high quality, USP approved, “burpless” fish oil supplement. But, no special South American berries, antioxidants, or trendy food-of-the-month…just real food that tastes real good.

When first diagnosed with cancer, I was so focused on the treatment that I didn’t think much about the aftermath. Once treatment was over, I was more apprehensive because cancer lurks in the mind….every new   pain or change in body function is viewed as the cancer returning. I am thankful to have understanding doctors who assured me that an upset stomach might be due to a mild food borne illness…not stage III colon cancer as I diagnosed. Or that hip pain is osteoarthritis, not bone cancer.

That is why I was so glad to see the new publication, Cancer Resource: Living with Cancer from the American Institute for Cancer Research. For a flip book of the publication, check out this link

In one quick resource, you can learn about all stages of cancer, help in formulating questions to ask your health care providers, and learn about delicious eating and the importance of exercise. This resource can help you learn to fight cancer with more than drugs, surgery and radiation….the power of food and exercise is something in your control and should be an integral part of any cancer prevention and treatment plan.

Here is looking forward to many more years as a cancer survivor!

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