Food coma? What I’ve learned about eating from my dogs.

I’m a dog lover and I’ve learned a lot about eating from observing my dogs. Bella, a 10-year old shepherd-collie mix, eats like an intuitive eater, not like a dog. Her good eating habits include: Eating slowly Chewing every bite before swallowing Eating to hunger and leaving food in her bowl when full Drinking plentyContinue reading “Food coma? What I’ve learned about eating from my dogs.”

Diet Books…They are Everywhere!

On a recent trip to Ireland I was browsing in a gift shop when my friend and fellow dietitian said, “check out the diet book section.” Sure enough, just like in the U.S., diet books are big sellers. A quote attributed to Andy Ronney is one of my favorites, “The biggest seller is cookbooks andContinue reading “Diet Books…They are Everywhere!”